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How can nutrition training create a major difference? 

Have you ever heard of the saying; we are what we eat? Does that mean I’m a chicken if I have chicken fillets for dinner? Definitely not! It rather highlights the importance of having a healthy diet. The healthier you’re from within the more it’ll reflect on the outside. Obesity and acne are some of the most common problems faced by teenagers today. The cosmetic industry is making awful money by producing skin care products that promise you a flawless skin. How do you choose your skin products among those varieties? Most people would look for natural ingredients in their products such as aloe vera, cucumber, citrus fruits and much more. We all like to have a beautiful, glowing glassy skin, but why should we spend so much on buying herbal products when we can consume all the healthy fruits and vegetables and heel ourselves from within.  

Role of nutrition in growth  

Nutrition is the foundation for healthy growth and development. Just like a plant, a child requires sufficient nutrition to thrive. Otherwise, they may become victim of diseases as a result of their improper nourishment. It is much more than an intake of calories. It provides the body the energy to perform, ensures healthy muscle growth and strengthens the defense mechanism of a body. It doesn’t just make you look healthy, energetic and glowing from the outside but enhances your emotional and intellectual growth as well. 

Therefore, nutrition training is an important part of education. Children should be involved in activities that provide them knowledge and skills to help them choose and consume nutrition rich food. They are likely more attracted to fast food such as burgers, fries and pizzas than fruit or vegetable salad. Telling them to consume healthy alternatives might not be useful. Thus, nutrition training has to be incorporated in their daily learning routine and not taught as a subject individually. They can be asked to count the pictures of fruits and vegetables. They’ll likely ask the names of the vegetables and fruits in the picture and learn without even realizing.  

Enjoyable methods for nutrition training  

Our child care center in Dural uses different creative and innovative approaches to educate kids in an enjoyable way. Here, children are given nutrition training both directly and indirectly. We plan activities to evaluate their understanding and keep taking them forward step by step. For example, a child can be given a basket and some food toys from the kitchen set or pictures of some fast food and some healthy food, and then told to gather the pictures or the toys of healthy food in the basket. Another effective way to teach them healthy alternatives can be through a game in which you stuff a huge basket with healthy alternatives and give each child a card that has a picture of something unhealthy, tell them to find the healthy alternative for the product they’ve been given in a 7 min timer. For example, if a child is given a card that has the picture of sugar, then he has to look for honey in the basket. 

Making use of their unconscious memory is also an effective method. Our child care center in Dural is decorated with attractive objects, toys, charts and paintings. You can use the same technique at your home, decorate your child’s room with some colorful charts that has something informative on it. it can be a picture or a quote or a spelling you want him to learn. Constantly looking at those charts will make your child remember those teachings without knowing. 

Previous studies have proved the magnificent benefits of nutrition training to children’s physical health and academic performance. Moreover, eating habits are formed at a young age, by encouraging kids to embrace a healthy diet you build them a base to make healthy lifestyle choices as they grow. 

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