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5 things that a great child care center offers


The importance of child care in the development of young children working for families, and society has been spotlighted by COVID-19.

People are being called back to work as restrictions around the world soften. It’s no mystery that finding a good Child Care Center is a top priority for many families right now.

It’s a safe, convenient alternative for most families, allowing children to interact socially and learn in a nurturing environment tailored to their needs while their parents concentrate on their professional commitments.

It is, however, a hard call; leaving your child with a random person all day can be difficult, to put it mildly. That is why parents take such great care when choosing a child care center for their children. They want a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable environment for their children, but also one that encourages and stimulates their social, emotional, and physical growth.

Despite its popularity, finding the right Child Care Centre in Dural remains a difficult task.

Options for Child care and early childhood education in Australia

In Australia, there are various options available for child care and early education:

  • Personal care at home
  • Care in a single location/ center
  • Daycare for the family
  • Crèches with a business focus
  • Child care outside of school hours.

A popular option is a center-based daycare, which is provided in registered and licensed facilities.

Tips to keep in mind when searching for a childcare facility?

Parents have a right to feel safe in the knowledge that their children are in competent hands. However, finding a good Child Care Centre in Dural is incredibly challenging. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • It’s critical to begin planning for childcare well in advance of the baby’s arrival. Beginning looking in the second trimester is a useful tip for parents who plan to return to work right after the baby is born. 
  • Read customer reviews and request references – Every good daycare will have a good reputation, as well as positive feedback from previous or current parents.
  • Schedule a tour – a personal visit is required to get a sense of the place, check out the infrastructure and amenities, and speak with the teaching staff, among other things. Does it appear to be a good match for your child?
  • Examine the environment to ensure that it is inviting, homey, and truly representative of the diverse culture of the students in the classroom.

5 things that a great childcare center offers 

In a childcare center, a kind, loving, encouraging atmosphere with happy children should be a must. You should get a sense of that vibe as soon as you walk in the door because it could be the deciding factor in your case.

Here are some features to look for in a Child Care Centre in Duralto help you make the best decision for your family:

  1. Look for signs of engagement.

A top-quality center exudes a sense of involvement. Teachers should be playing with the kids on the floor, and the supervisor should be able to quickly assist.

To communicate with children, they should stoop to eye level, hold, hug, express love, and try talking to infants and young children

It should also provide plenty of chances for young children to engage in age-appropriate, energizing, and linguistic activities and community interactions.

  1. Low child-to-staff ratios and small group sizes 

Small group sizes and low child-to-adult ratios ensure that your child receives adequate face-to-face time exclusively from a caregiver who is able to meet each kid’s individual needs. Your child’s early development, personal well-being, and general learning will all receive support from this interactive and engaging caregiving approach.

This special treatment helps both children and adults feel safe and comfortable while also minimizing stress and confusion. It’s easier to handle a small team with enough trained adults present. What’s more?  Children would be much less prone to injury or sickness because adults are better able to respond and manage a smaller group.

  1. An environment that builds creativity

Children should be able to engage, interact socially, and experiment with a variety of indoor and outdoor environments at a child care center. Sandpits, vegetable gardens, insect farms, and art spaces are found in several of the best child care centers. Internal spaces have been carefully crafted to provide plenty of natural light and resources, making them more suitable for inquisitive minds.

Furthermore, a child care center should provide opportunities for children to start their own play. Caregivers can support kids to use a range of different methods to open up and talk, such as visual arts, language, singing, and dancing, theater, etc.

This type of an environment is both welcoming and aesthetically appealing. Children can learn and play while developing talents and interests by organizing the environment to help them start exploring while being messy.

  1. Aesthetics

Although the aesthetics don’t really seem relevant, they help the parents visiting different child care centers in Dural form a favorable image. The structure might be old, but it must be properly maintained and presentable so that it seems fresh and modern.

The interior should be cleverly designed with vibrant color schemes to promote a pleasant, happy feel, and playful comfy mats/carpets to produce the necessary atmosphere. Toy collection should be well-organized, and wall decorations, arts and crafts should be added to lift the spirits and make each day interesting and fun for the kids.

Search for children’s artwork on school boards and walls, which shows that their work is recognized and well-presented.

  1. Security

Child care centers must provide a safe environment for your children to enjoy, so security is crucial. A strong educator-to-child proportion will ensure that your child receives the time and attention they need.

Plus, there’s more. The center must have a valid license from the Australian Childcare Alliance or the Government Department of Social Sciences, as well as surveillance cameras to ensure continuous child monitoring and safety of the premises.


Finding a Child Care Centre in Dural can be difficult with so many options available.  At Wiggles and Giggles, we provide a safe, wholesome, and family-friendly atmosphere that is ideal for your children.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour, please contact us. Our team of professional educators will be pleased to help you.

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