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5 reasons why childcare facilities are expensive in Dural

In most regions across Australia, childcare costs are skyrocketing. Increasing prices put a lot of financial strain on parents trying to provide quality care for their children. But what is causing childcare costs to be so high? Several factors contribute to the high cost of childcare. 

First, there is the cost of staffing. Childcare Dural facilities need to have enough qualified staff members to provide proper care for the children in their charge. They need to pay competitive wages to attract and retain quality employees. 

Second, there are the costs of rent or mortgage, utilities, and other overhead expenses. These costs can be substantial, especially for larger childcare facilities. Finally, there are the costs of supplies and resources etc. Read on to find 5 reasons why Childcare Dural is expensive.

1. Employment 

Adding more clients or business is an excellent way to increase revenue in many service industry roles. But in childcare, you can’t just open your doors and let anyone in. Instead, you need to hire more employees to take on more children.

As a general rule of thumb, the requirement is one caregiver for every three or four children making labour one of the most significant cost factors for childcare. Therefore, if you want to make money from running a daycare, you will need enough staff to meet the required ratios.

Strict staffing ratio regulations are put in place to ensure that children are getting the care they need. But the regulations can be challenging to understand and change often.

For example, the number of adults working with children changes depending on the child’s age. But what if you have one infant and many children older than a year? Do we need to group them to follow the infant ratio? These questions shouldn’t be left up to chance since a breach in regulation could lead to a lawsuit.

2. Location

A centre that operates out of a rented building spends some of its income on the property. So although the location might not be as crucial to some commercial offices, it is very important for a daycare provider’s clients.

Some families might prefer to drive a long way for a daycare they love. Many people will not trust their children in a centre located in an unsafe area.

Business owners want to open their daycare in an area convenient for parents who live nearby, close to where people work and not too close to areas with a lot of traffic, pollution or crime. 

To be a successful daycare, they also need a compatible building and room for an outdoor play area, and consider the curb appeal of their daycare. If daycare owners invest in the business it will ensure that new clients are attracted to your service.

Finding a place that meets the needs of many children can be tricky. It often comes with a high price tag. For example, laws say how many square feet a child needs to be enrolled in daycare. This impacts how many children the daycare can have and how many staff members are needed.

The cost of running a childcare facility is on the high side. This is one of the biggest factors that determine the price of childcare. Home-based childcare centres may save some money. 

However, providers will need to spend money upfront to make their homes appealing and safe. They must also follow any applicable regulations.

3. Insurance

Another high cost a childcare program faces is liability insurance. This insurance protects the program if something unexpected happens.

This type of insurance usually does not cover damage the children may do to the property or any injuries to employees. Therefore, insurance providers may need (or prefer) to buy other types of insurance to be safe.

4. Recruitment and training

Good Childcare Dural facilities take the time to select, attract, and train their employees carefully. If they don’t do this, they could lose clients because of one bad employee.

Recruitment can be costly, as providers may need to post job openings in multiple places, hold interviews, and do background checks. And training is not a one-time event—childcare providers must ensure that their employees stay up-to-date on best practices and safety procedures.

5. Marketing costs

If providers can’t attract enough customers, all the money they spend on other expenses will be for nothing. 

Marketing often requires childcare to advertise in a way that will reach modern families. They can’t just rely on an ad in a local newspaper. 

An accessible internet presence is needed to run successful childcare. For example, a daycare can start a website where people can learn more about the service.

In addition to a website, a daycare in the modern world needs a social media presence to connect with potential customers. They use social media to post pictures and updates about the business, which requires investment in photography, digital marketing, and social media management.


The rising cost of child care is a significant issue in many areas. It is essential to have accessible, affordable, high-quality child care to provide children with the best possible start in life.

Running a successful childcare business can be expensive. You will need to consider the cost of location, insurance, recruitment and training, and marketing. However, if you can attract enough customers, the costs will be worth it. 

A successful childcare business can provide a much-needed service to families in your community. In this article, we have discussed all the factors which make childcare expensive in Dural. We hope that this article will be helpful for those who are looking to know about childcare.

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