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Parenthood is a fantastic journey and a beautiful experience, but sometimes the road becomes bumpy, and you start to lose a little perspective of your day-to-day life. Most of us are not lucky enough to have a reliable family member to watch over our little one when we need to run errands, attend a birthday bash, hit the gym, or make career advances.  

You look for dependable nanny services or babysitters, but they all are expensive and can hamper your monthly budget. Here comes the role of a premium daycare, which is much more affordable and provides your child with many benefits that immensely benefit your child’s development. 

Identify a high-quality daycare that meets your standards, and you are good to go. It is an intelligent decision not only for your child but for the parents as well. A good daycare centre provides a safe and nurtured place for children to explore the world while learning and mastering the essential skills they need to succeed in school and life. 

Now that we are convinced that good child care lays an initial solid foundation for school and life, choosing an organization with all the qualities of a premium daycare is crucial. Giggles and Wiggles is one of the best daycares in Dural. We are trustworthy people and offer what parents look for: 

·         Solid Reputation with Legitimate Accreditation 

Before entrusting an organization with your child’s critical initial developmental years, you must ensure that it has proper licensing. Having a license means that this daycare complies with all the rules and regulations required for children’s safe environment. Also, look for genuine childcare reviews online and ask around in your social circle. Positive reviews are one of the essential ticks on the list. 

·         A positive and Happy Environment 

Another vital feature that childcare ought to have is a balanced and positive environment. When you enter the door, you might get the vibes of positivity because of the colourful, vibrant, and full of fun décor of the place. It usually gives a cheerful feeling that is also pleasant to the eyes.  

Take a daytime tour and observe the children; are they happy? Are they involved in entertaining activities according to their age? Are they allowed to make independent choices, and is the overall atmosphere lively for them? Notice these things, and you might be able to get an idea. 

·         Ideal Child to Teacher Ratio 

The student-to-teacher ratio should be as low as possible for both teachers and students. It is a plus point when the student-to-teacher ratio in childcare is low. This rule ensures that each child gets uncompromised attention from the caregiver, which can help the children become more comfortable and expressive. 

·         Staff should be highly trained 

A premium daycare will only choose the best to work for them. Make sure the staff is well qualified in their field and knows their job. They should have a related degree and experience in childcare education from reputed organizations and know what to do in emergencies. Apart from this, when you visit the school, you can observe how they behave with children and interact with their peers. This will also tell you a lot about them in general. 

·         Hygiene and Safety 

This is a no-brainer that cleanliness and safety are fundamental elements of a good childcare facility. As a parent, it should be your top priority. A set of routines should be followed to maintain hygiene which can also help prevent the spread of illness.  

At our daycare in Dural, you will find that safety needs are considered in all aspects of the classroom. From playgrounds to food supplies, desk arrangement, and room design to the supplies used in craft projects. By making the surroundings safe, unwanted accidents can be avoided. 

Final Words 

Since parents have no other options for child care and must work, many send their kids to daycare out of necessity. Therefore, safety is a top priority for parents when selecting a daycare. In addition, the youngster spends significant time away from their parents to care for strangers. Our programs, based on extensive research in education and psychology, help your child acquire the abilities through enjoyable and stimulating activities as they prepare for primary school. To conclude, a premium daycare facility must have a great combination of all the above mentioned characteristics.  

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