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5 Early Childhood Development Milestones Parents Must Know 

Children are different, as is each parent. Sometimes, parents don’t understand the importance of children’s development in their early years because they are unaware of the typical childhood development milestones. 

Having inadequate knowledge will hinder your role in your child’s growth which is why parents and guardians need to know about the early child growth or development signs. Professional and child-friendly Child care centers in Dural can help you understand these milestones. To help you take better care of your children and their specific development, here are 5 early childhood development milestones a parent must know. 

Essential 5 Early Childhood Development Milestones 

1. Milestones From 1 To 3 Months 

A child shows significant growth during 1 to 3 months. Various movement and sensory changes occur, such as: 

Movement Changes 

 In the first month, the baby starts making tiny movements such as jerking the head or bringing hands to the mouth and face showing that the baby has strong reflexes and keeps hands fisted. While this movement becomes more modified in the third month, the child gets good at lying on their stomach and tries to grasp every moving thing around her. 

Smell And Touch Changes 

The child develops a mild smell change in the early days or first month. 

He starts recognizing his mother’s milk. 

Likes quiet places and avoids abrupt surfaces. 

As time passes and the baby hits the third month, she gets used to the smells and touches of her loved ones. 

Vision And Hearing Changes 

 A child likes to see human faces more than other things around her and prefer black and white color at the start. 

But soon, she starts recognizing your voice and face. 

They smile on hearing your voice and get familiar with others. 

She turns her head in the voice direction and babbles more often. 

2.  Milestones At 7 Months 

Movement Changes 

The child starts sitting with and later without support in this period. She tries to support her weight on her legs. 

You will see her quickly reaching toward her favorite toys and people. Get more naughty and active while playing. 

The index finger and thumb of a child show a firm grip. 

Visual Changes 

 Vision gets more mature, and she can see distanced things. 

He can easily track and locate moving objects around him. 

Language Changes 

·    Detects emotions through voice changing. 

·    Quickly responds to his name. 

·    Understand the meaning of the word NO. 

·    Tries to express himself using different voices and babbling 

Cognitive And Social Changes 

·    The child enjoys social plays and gatherings. 

·    Develop strong exploring abilities and can easily find hidden things. 

·    She loves seeing himself in the mirror. 

3.  Milestones At 1 Year 

Movement Changes 

· She starts sitting and lying on his own. 

They get more efficient in crawling forward by moving hands and feet. 

·    Partial walking through the support of someone or furniture around. 

·    Tries to stand without any support. 

·    Puts object into or out of a bag. 

Language Changes 

·    The child gets more attentive toward speech. 

·    Starts answering small verbal questions or requests. 

·    Calls mama and dada. 

·    More actively expresses emotions through various exclamation sounds. 

·    Tries to learn new words. 

Social And Cognitive Milestones 

·    Starts proper usage of objects such as toothbrushes, glass, etc. 

·    Use different ways to explore an object. 

·    Express shyness or nervousness while meeting strangers. If your child is at a great Child care center in Dural then this stage can be overcome easily.  

·    She prefers being with loved ones and parents. 

·    Carefully examine your response towards things and act accordingly. 

4.  Milestones At 3 Years 

Movement Changes 

·    Walk perfectly without the support and sometimes stand on one foot for a few seconds. 

·    Goes upstairs and downstairs quickly. 

·    Starts engaging in physical activities. 

·    Can draw circles and squares through hand movement. 

·    Tries to write a few alphabets. 

Language Changes 

·    Understands and remembers few grammar rules. 

·    Speak in sentences comprised of 7 to 8 words. 

·    Speech gets clear and understandable. 

Cognitive And Social Changes 

·    Recognize and name colors. 

·    Learn to count from 1 to 20 quickly. 

·        Realizes the importance of the same and different. 

·    Gets deeply engaged in fantasy plays. 

·    Feels more independent. 

·    Understand the concept of dressing and undressing. 

5.  Milestones At 5 Years 

Movement Changes 

·    Loves to get into adventurous activities. 

·    Plays more running games. 

·    Starts climbing and swinging. 

·    Dresses and undresses without any assistance. 

·    Use a fork and knives for eating. 

Language Changes 

·    Gets used to using past tenses. 

·    Remembers parts of stories and tries to recall them. 

·    Speak long sentences. 

·    Can tell his name and house address 

Cognitive And Social Milestones 

·    Good at counting and arranging objects. 

·    Likes enjoying and playing with cousins and friends. 

·    Vigilant of sexuality and knows a lot about everyday things. 

·    Correctly remember the alphabet and color names. 

Why Is The Early Childhood Development Important? 

Infants or babies look very cute, but they don’t stay like that forever. A child has a specific growth and development time. Sometimes, the surrounding environment isn’t very supportive and friendly for a child. 

So, she ends up with some severe nutritional and mental challenges. The child’s average growth stops and makes lasting changes in his life. So, it is essential to give proper care and time to your kid, especially in early childhood. Check if your child is following the milestones of his age group or not. 

Try to find out where he lacks and work on his inability to improve his overall functioning and growth. If you cannot provide it to your kid, you can get assistance from Wiggles and Giggles, as they are the best Child care center in Dural. 


Having a kid comes with immense responsibility. There are various things that parents and child caretakers should know about the early development period of the child. To help you understand it better, I’ve listed 5 early childhood changes a parent must know. 

But, if you find it challenging to practice, there’s always a solution. Wiggles and Giggles are the best Child care center in Dural, and they handle your kid with care and attention. Also, their team carefully addresses the underdeveloped things of your kid. 

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